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      We intend to make films that we would want to watch, and think others would as well. This means films that are distinctly human in their story, creatively distinct in their telling, and universal in their relevance. It is the mission of the owners, Jonathan Shick and Ryan Rodriguez, to tell stories on a global level. They also hope to have company t-shirts one day, maybe even hooded sweatshirts.

Citizen Hauser

Walking the River (2008)

This film is a journey up the Cuyahoga River to explore northeast Ohioans relationship to the river. Three local filmmakers walk the river from Lake Erie to the headwaters. The documentary seeks to examine how people live within the Cuyahoga watershed today, and how a river might represent them.

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Citizen Hauser

Citizen Hauser (2006)

In this story of citizen action, an obsessive, laid off Cleveland steelworker attempts to save a piece of land at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River. The fight to save the last stretch of the natural shoreline of this industrial community unfolds into a unique portrait of Cleveland and Ohio.

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winter in the burg

Winter in Pittsburgh(2006)

A portrait of the varied life and work of
poet and children's book author Jonah Winter.

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Pete & Popey

Pete & Popeye (2004)

This short documentary explores the transitory lives of two employees at a New Hampshire Mexican restaurant.

A Family History

A Family History (2005)

This collection of three interviews, passes on stories of how one family used optimism and confidence to live their own version of the American dream.

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At Blue Hole

The Blue Hole (2002)

Set in Cleveland, Ohio this film follows a young woman and the subtle changes that create ripples in memory and thought.

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